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au pair gezocht met spoed

Vacature geplaatst op: 27-12-2016 en in de categorie: Oppas & Au pair gevraagd
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Werk Locatie: apeldoorn
Dear au pair,

We are a family with three children, Eva (17), Gijs (16) and Bas (13). Mike is a surgeon and I am a radiologist. We are a busy family ! Mike and I are busy with our job, and the children are busy with school and their hobbies. Our children are changing in young adults at this moment, and that is very nice to see! That is why we are lookinf for a au pair a little bit older……
We have a busy social live, friends of ours, but also friends of the children are always welcome. Also your friends and family are welcome!
Sometimes we are taking care of a foster care child.
We have had au pairs for 11 years now, and we are really used to this concept. We still need a au pair in our family because we have irregular working times. So you have to take care of the children in the morning before school and also after school on the days that I work (3 days a week). Sometimes in the evenings and incidentally in the weekend. Besides that there are house keeping things, like ironing, washing clothes, doing the beds, cooking and some cleaning. We hope you like to cook…. That is not our favourite thing! We would like you to make dinner 4 or 5 times a week. We order a foodbox every week, so the recipe is available for at least 3 days.
We live in a quiet area, may be you love this too! A lot of trees, forrest, nice areas tow walk and cycle. You can easily go somewhere else and visit other people and cities.
Because we both work, you are sometimes responsible for the children and everything in the house…. So we hope you are able to make decisions !
We hope you can imagine our family and our way of living! You can ask every question you want!

May be we will meet ….

Contactpersoon: louk oudenhoven
Telefoon: 06 13650286
soerenseweg 156
7313 EP



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