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Specialist Neurology( Medisch personeel)

Department of Neurology has the regional responsibility for most neurological disorders. The department performs examination, diagnostic, treatment, caring, neurorehabilitation and follow up control of patients with neurological disorders f...
Vacature van Vitaly Pryadka
606 keer bekeken

Specialist Radiology( Medisch personeel)

The departments are a part of qualifying specialist doctors and radiographs. The examination portfolios are different at the three geographical locations. You are: Specialized in Radiology Have significant interest and documented exp...
Vacature van Vitaly Pryadka
371 keer bekeken

General Dentists and dentist couples( Medisch personeel)

The clinics are located in small town areas. They have built-up patient circle and loyal and experienced staff. You will work in friendly atmosphere with colleagues as well as patients. Your primary tasks will be general dentistry, crowns, ...
Vacature van Vitaly Pryadka
436 keer bekeken

Specialist Anaesthesiology( Medisch personeel)

The clinic is responsible for anaesthesia and operation of both acute and planned surgical procedures. The Clinic substantially seek to meet the educational interests of the individual. It is also possible to arrange exchanges with other cl...
Vacature van Vitaly Pryadka
412 keer bekeken

Specialist Pulmonologist( Medisch personeel)

You will work in a Danish hospital with stable surroundings, attractive working conditions, possibilities for professional development, a better work-life balance and a future life and career in one of Europe’s top welfare states, in Scan...
Vacature van Vitaly Pryadka
551 keer bekeken

Specialist in Paediatrics( Medisch personeel)

We are currently looking for European specialists in paediatrics, who seek new challenges, professionally as well as personally. If you are looking for stable surroundings, attractive working conditions, possibilities for professional devel...
Vacature van Vitaly Pryadka
519 keer bekeken



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