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CEO/directeur Chilasso Company

Vacature geplaatst op: 09-02-2018 en in de categorie: Ik bied mezelf aan voor werk Kantoor personeel
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Werk Locatie: Amsterdam

Chilasso Company is known for its high quality Chilasso Hot Sauce. We also have the world's first high quality hot ketchup which will be sold as Chilasso Hot Ketchup. This concerns a business with a scope of billions of dollars worldwide. You are given here a unique opportunity.

profile CEO and task description

We are looking for a full-time CEO.This is the man of the marketing, has commercial awareness, is the salesperson and gets the orders. He/she (throughout this document both sexes are meant to be addressed when we write 'he') communicates with Mr. Adel Sayed about all the orders. His tasks include:

- doing business with all relevant sauce producers in the Netherlands

- writing a businessplan for the framework as described above

- applying for loan from bank and/or financing opportunities with producers in the Netherlands

- handling financial administration

- setting up this framework

- recruiting staff

- leading the staff

- leading the current business which services the city centre of Amsterdam and setting up the first distribution centre in Amsterdam which will service the whole of Amsterdam plus its suburbs and surrounding villages


- relevant degree

- experience in production

- minimum of 10 years experience

- Dutch at least at level B2

- valuing high customer service

If you are interested, please send your motivation and CV to us by sending us an email to

Chilasso Company
Contactpersoon: A.N.K Adel Sayed
Telefoon: 0622824692
Saffierstraat 69B
1074 GM


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